MR JAC...from Australia...

Owner..John Calleya..from Adelaide Sth Aust.. Diahatsu1977 ..12a rotary powered by an injected..roller turbo..nitrious..jatco auto..hilux diff 4.88..hi stall converter..has run 11.05@120mph with 15ilbs super street class..<bracket racer>..took 4 years to do groundup build...currently touring eastern states of aust for the 2006..07 season......nitrious has not been used transbrake..

Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand. Yes, Thailand.
I am an Americam living and working in
Bangkok who is also a drag racer - in a thriving Thai racing scene. I thought you might be interested in some photos of my under construction 1700 pound 1990 Mazda Famalia mini pick-up (a model not sold in North America) with a 400hp twin-turbocharged Toyota 1JZ (4-valve straight six) motor. It has a built racing automatic and racing converter from Australia, a narrowed Toyota 1-ton rear with 4.63s and a spool.

The truck is 99% finished (flames and graphics, and side windows to come) and took it to a "test and tune" session last Sunday. It ran well, except for a minor "overboost" problem (if there can be such a ting as "over boost"!!). I didn't make any full passes because I am getting seat time and dialing in the brakes and steering in case of emergency. More later.

Here are some new pictures of Dr. Harpers truck complete and haulin down the track!

Being an American drag racer in Thailand is never easy, but I am here to report that dreams do come true! Immediately after building the drag truck you see here a few years ago, the two "drag strips" closed. Oh no! The car sat in my garage until six months ago when two young Thai guys built a two million dollar, state-of-the-art drag strip outside of town, Bangkok Drag Avenue!! What luck! I got to work in a test and tune mode, making changes as needed.

The local scene is an "imports" racing scene (with one 454 big-block
Chevy-powered, tube chassis, all fiberglass Camero). There are no
dragsters. However the record is a 7.95 at 185 mph, which isn't too bad. In
addition to "open" class, there are several engine, tire size and
weight restriction classes (e.g., DOHC 6 cyl, 2800 pounds, and a 245 series
drag radial class called "Pro-6" which runs in the low 10s ). There
are brackets from 20 down to 12 seconds (that's right, 12, 13, 14, 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 second brackets). You can pay to enter as many
brackets as you like. We use "total time" for the index: the timers
start when the light goes green, not when you break the beam. I actually
like this; there are very few red lights. You wait at the line, rather
than slow the car down track. There is also a handicap start bracket,
but you must use a "whole number" (12, 13, 14, . . . . etc.) for your
TOTAL TIME dial-in. This is a very interesting style of drag racing
that you might want to ask your local track to try.


Dr. Jeff Harper
Bangkok, Thailand

My drag truck is set up for the fast brackets (12 and 13 seconds), and runs 11.70s off the box with a very mild tune. It is a 1990 Mazda
Familia, a model that is not imported to the USA. The motor is a MicroTech ECU controlled, turbocharged 2500cc (151 DOHC Toyota 1JZ straight 6 with HKS cams. The 1JZ is coupled to a Toyota A340 automatic transmission (ECU shifted at 7200rpm), with a racing valve body and 4200 converter from MV Automatics in Australia. The narrowed rear end is from a Nissan 1-ton truck with a locally-made spool (4.63 gears) and re-hardened stock axles. Front disc brakes are early Mazda RX7, while the rears are Wilwoods. A homemade leaf-link suspension hooks the soft compound M/T 26X10 slicks very well. I worked with the Works Power shop here to build this 1900 pound racer, although I use MacTec and the Noi N2 Garage to maintain it, and Stryder Performance Dyno to set-up tune it. I would like to thank my sponsors MacTec, Stryder Performance Dyno, MicroTech, Glasurit Paint, VVP 4X4 Center, and Ampoline Oil. If you are ever in Thailand, please come out to the track. A map and contact information is available on their web site.

I want to apologize to Dr. Harper for the delay in getting his pictures posted, he sent them in March and I thought I had already posted them. I am very sorry!
1983 Chevy, has a small block, runs mid 12's in the 1/4 mile. 4-link with adjustable 250 pound
springs, posi 4.56 stock 10 bolt rear end, Turbo 350 with a stage 2 shift kit, 350 bored .60 over, speed pro flat top pistons , 2.02 1.60 camel hump heads, victor jr. intake, 750 Holly double pump, about 325 hp.
Jeffrey Kissiar
Seguin, Texas
1966 Chevy with a .060 over 327 with 10:1
compression. Backed up by a th400 with 3500 stall converter from Hughes and a
shift kit from B&M, the rear end is a 12 bolt with 3.73's and a mini spool.
Tyler Jameson
Tucson, Az.
Anglia truck powered by a blown alky Rover v8.
Steve Wells-England